Welcome Back for another GREAT Year!

Coming up soon:

September 9 – Mini Minyan, 10:30 in the Marcus Chapel
September 10 – Parent Bar and Bat Mitzvah Meeting, 9:30am in the main sanctuary
September 17 – Mazal Tots, beginning at 9am with breakfast in the school lobby



2017-2018/5778 School Calendar
Jarson Education Center at Adath Israel Congregation

Shaded Days are days that school will meet.  First Day is Sunday, August 27.
Sundays 9:00 am – 12:30 pm for Pre-Kindergarten through 7th Grade
Wednesdays 4:15 pm -6:15 pm for 2nd through 7th Grade
We will also meet for Shabbat School on Friday May 11 from 6-8:30.This will be our last day of religious school for the year.