3 Things We Did Today

3 Things we did at Religious School on Sunday 11/5/17

Pre-Gan Sherry
We made art with balloons to learn the colors.
We sang about Noah’s Ark.
We went to the library and read books.

Pre-Gan Vicki
We learned about the Hebrew letter dalet and did a craft and game related to it.
We wnt to the muscle room and then had music in Sherry’s room.
We finger painted and made rain sticks.

Gan: Kindergarten Debbie
We learned about Shabbat being for rest while the rest of the week is busy, using music.
We met our chaverah Liat and learned four new Hebrew words and a song.
We learned the letters shin and sin in yoga and sign language.

Alef: 1st Grade Deena
We read a book called A Bad Case of Stripes and did a worksheet.
We did a letter matching activity.
We had Chaverim item with Liat.

Bet: 2nd Grade Scott
We reviewed the songs In the Classroom and Eem ain ani mi li.
We talked about the Jewish value Brit, or covenant with God.
We finished coloring our mezuzah project.

Gimel: 3rd Grade Zahava
We We reviewed the morningprayers.
We learned two new Hebrew script letters.
We learned a new prayer.

Daled: 4th Grade Benny
We read the prayer Modeh Ani and translated it and talked about why we say it every morning.
We read a story about the parsha Vayera, and about Sarah and Abraham.
We played Jewpardy to recap our knowledge of Vayera.

Hei: 5th Grade Bailey
We played Hebrew word Pictionary.
We played Hebrew words speed ball.
We learned the parsha.

Vav: 6th Grade Taylor & Leslee
We moved onto the prayers of opening the ark with Mitch.
We created projects relating to what we’ve learned in Hebrew, friendship and sifrei kodesh.
We got to level “ruby” with 20 points.

Zayin: 7th Grade Brett
We made blankets for babies at the Bethany House that shelters homeless families.
We had an in-class tefillah that we led ourselves.
We partnered with our 1st grade buddies to teach them Modeh Ani.