3 Things We Did Today

3 Things we did at Religious School on Sunday, April 23.

Pre-Gan Sherry
We learned about kosher animals.
We put scales on fish to make them kosher.
We made kosher animal prints at one of the centers.


Pre-Gan Vicki
We made a star of David out of marshmallows, pretzels and icing.
We learned about Shabbat and the creation of the world.
We learned about the letter kaf, and reviewed other Hebrew letters we know.


Gan: Kindergarten Debbie
We learned about the counting of the omer.
We learned the Hebrew letter vav and made it with pretzels and chocolate chips.
We read a story about Menchie the Mitzvah Man and made our own mitzvah men.


Alef: 1st Grade Gail
We learned about and counted the omer.
We talked about and wrote mitzvot that we have accomplished.
We read Sammy Spider’s Passover.


Bet: 2nd Grade Scott
We began working in the Great Israel Scavenger Hunt.
We assembled megilot pieces and glued them together.
We spent time in the computer lab on the Jewish Games website to practice Hebrew vocabulary.


Gimel: 3rd Grade Zahava
We watched a video about Mrs. Rendler’s experience of the holocaust.
We wrote poesm based on photos of the holocaust.
We reviewed Hannah Szenez and her story of rescuing Jews during the holocaust.


Daled: 4th Grade Jessica
We learned about the 39 melachot (prohibitions) that are associated with Shabbat
We learned how to make Challah and the difference between challah and matzah preparations
We learned about Holocaust memorial day, and any we should remember it


Hei: 5th Grade Ryan
We decided where our class tzedakah money will go.
We talked about this week’s Parshat.
We reviewed the laws of kashrut.


Vav: 6th Grade Benj & Leslee
We played The Game of Chai by answering tough ethical questions based on Jewish values.
We reflected on the game by writing responses on white boards.
We learned about and discussed middot.


Zayin: 7th Grade Brett
We had a field trip to Cedar Village where we played bingo with the residents.