3 Things We Did Today

3 Things we did at Religious School on Sunday 11/19/17



Pre-Gan Sherry

We learned about how to host a guest.

We read the story of Abraham and Sarah.

We played the game Who’s Hiding in Abraham’s Tent?


Pre-Gan Vicki

We went to the muscle room and had music in Sherry’s room.

We learned about the Hebrew letter vav and reviewed other letters.

We painted tzedakah boxes and mezuzah’s for Hanukah.


Gan: Kindergarten Debbie

We learned the Hebrew letter hey with sign language and yoga forms.

We reviewed the Hebrew letters that we have learned with play doh and coloring pages.

We read a story about the Shema and made a craft.


Alef: 1st Grade Deena

We did an activity about the letters on the dreidel and what they mean.

We played a Hebrew itemsmatching game.

We played memory games with Hebrew letters and Jewish foods.


Bet: 2nd Grade Scott


Gimel: 3rd Grade Zahava
We did our morning prayers.

We learned the days of the week.

We practiced more of the Shema.


Daled: 4th Grade Benny

We learned about the parsha Toledot, which was read yesterday.

We played a game relating to the trick that Jacob and Rebecca pulled on Isaac.

We learned about Rosh Hodesh and how months in the Jewish calendar are based on a lunar cycle.


Hei: 5th Grade Bailey

We played a guessing game to develop knowledge on this week’s Torah portion.

We went to the library to learn more about Jewish literature.

We matched Hebrew phrases in common prayers to notice similarities.


Vav: 6th Grade Taylor & Leslee
We split into groups and worked on trope with Mitch.

We worked on projects that displayed all of the information we have learned since the beginning of the year.

We presented our projects in front of the class.
Zayin: 7th Grade Brett

We researched facts about Lighthouse Youth Services and presented them to the class.

We shopped for three children that we were assigned for holiday gifts from LYS.

We played Jewish Jeopardy using categories such as arvoot, pedyon savew eem and tzedakah.